July 22nd & July 29th: 9th & 10th Meetings

At these meetings, the Committee has continued to review the materials we need to provide to the diocese so that our call for applicants can “go live,” hopefully very soon.

Canon Debra Kissinger has supplied us with guidelines for the interview process, which will involve both phone/Skype conversations and, for finalists, a personal visit to St. Alban’s.

Interested applicants will learn about the parish through a “community profile” that includes demographic and neighborhood information.  They will be directed to our church website (www.st-albans.org check it out) to see pictures of us all in action.  They will also see a link called “how to apply,” which will include a photo of the search committee.  (Too risky, you say?  Nah.)

Finally, we have enjoyed excellent and varied dinners, provided by Tanya and Brandy.  We will look well-fed and happy in our photo.