June 2nd: 3rd Meeting

Food by Jim B.

The main business was to meet and confer with Canon Debra Kissinger, who reviewed the committee’s progress and made suggestions about communicating our self-image through various tools—brochure, website, job description.

The role of St. Albans vestry in the process was outlined.  The position is “priest-in-charge” for a term of three years.  If the bishop, congregation, and priest believe a good match has been made at the end of three years, the priest-in-charge will be appointed Rector. The Canon was more than satisfied with most of the responses the committee had crafted.  (“Loved it.” “Never has a group this small done such a job.”) 

We will need to add a “Transition” tab to our own website, where we will provide links to the material relating to the search, which will be posted on the diocesan website. 

The secretary sent out a draft of the ‘12 questions’ for final review at the next meeting.