We have an abandoned the effort to number the meetings, but that doesn't mean we've stopped working.  Everyone was present, but alas, the camera wasn't.  Our group photo must wait for a while.


We have had three agenda items: discuss standards for evaluating candidates' written answer to our parish profile questions; make rubric for judging phone and Skype interviews with candidates who fat that far; review provisional interview questions drafted last time.


We decided to use a scale of 1-5 on a grid that will be identical for all interviews.  We expect Skype interviews will be about one hour long, and we will be trying to assess the candidates' motivations for applying to St. Alban's. their leadership style, and their response to situations or tasks that they might confront.  Skype interviews will allow us to assess "body language" as well.


Our aim is to develop consistent and revealing interview tools.  That done, we can start seeing applications.