August 5th & August 19th: 11th & 12th Meetings

Jim Long provided our excellent meal.

In preparation for “going live” with our call for applicants, exciting changes are being made on the website:  Have a look yourself or ask Carlos to show you sometime-he’s done a lot of the work.

·      Home page – slight tweak to the way the service hours are displayed.  Added “Welcome to St. Alban’s to the home page text and inserted the map right there.

·      About Us page – History – uploaded out own history that aligns with the brochure, just with bullet points instead of paragraphs.  (As you can see, we really like bullet points.)

·      Worship – weekly Assignments page – changed title to Sunday Lay Ministry Schedule and posted it as a picture made it available for download.  (Now it’s easier than ever to serve.)

Coming soon on the Leadership page-brief bio. For Rev. Tanya.  (How brief can it be really?)  While you’re there, read all about Tim, our Organist and Mike our Deacon.